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    Hello there, I'm Cathy Fay, creator and owner of Forever & Always Vintage, Although this business venture was officially created by me in July of 2019, entrepreneurship had been a longstanding, underlying dream of mine.


     What was so special about 2019?

     Actually, it was the changes a few years prior that began the journey to where we are today.


     Before we arrived in the US in 2018, after living overseas in Germany for almost 15 years, God had been preparing us emotionally and through provision to move back to the States; opportunities unfolded and plans were made.  By the time we arrived at our rental in Springfield, VA in July of 2019, my husband was ready to start school at the National War College; my then 10 year old son, Benjamin, was set to enter a brick and mortar school for the first time; my then 17 year old daughter, Jordan, had plans to take one semester at NOVA then work and save money and head to university the following fall; my then 20 year old daughter, Abigail, was still living overseas attending a jewelry school in Germany;  I had just retired a 17 year career as a homeschooling mom.

     So many BIG changes for our family!!  


     I immediately filled the time by volunteering at Benjamin's school and for an ESL ministry at our new church while increasing the amount of projects for the hobby I had begun about 7 years prior; acquiring/refurbishing/repairing/painting furniture and just about anything I could get my hands on that I felt needed to be spruced up!!


     And house shopping? Wait, what?

    Yep, we decided we liked the area enough to settle for awhile so we began looking for a house and eventually found one in Burke, VA. and moved again in May 2019. Your math is correct! In less than a year after arriving in the States, we moved AGAIN.

     With boxes still unpacked, on July 9th, 2019, Forever & Always Vintage became an official Virginia business and I had signed a lease to join the artisans at Rust and Refind on August 1, 2019. I spent most of that preparatory time saying, "I'm not sure how to do that, but I can figure it out." 

     How did the name Forever & Always Vintage and the motto Reclaim • Renew • Reuse come to be? 

     The 3 R's of Forever & Always Vintage ~ Reclaim • Renew • Reuse ~ started in my early days and became a permanent part of me.  I learned to be thrifty at a young age while growing up in the 70's in a low income family before the words

Reclaim • Renew • Reuse were catch phrases. What would eventually become our company's motto was then simply a necessary way of life.


     My curiosity for and love of all things old and/or unusual (Vintage) along with my ability to view a thing, or even its individual parts, with an eye for what it could become was with me as long as I can remember. (Forever & Always)


     And there you have it.

     A little bit about our family's most recent God-led adventures and a little history of how Forever & Always Vintage came to be.


     Thank you for following along with us on this adventure.